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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions regarding shredding services? Check our Frequently Asked Questions page below to find an answer to your shredding question.

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Give Us A Call: 1-87-PROSHRED (1-877-767-4733

PROSHRED® has a presence in 40 major metropolitan markets in 25 states providing secure on-site mobile shredding services. To find the nearest PROSHRED® location click here

PROSHRED®’s shredding trucks are able to shred almost anything. This includes paper, expired credit cards, x-rays, outdated uniforms, hard drives, branded apparel, uniforms, legal records, etc. We encourage you to reach out to us and we will find the service that fits your needs. Give us a call at 1-877-767-4733 (1-87-PROSHRED).

No, you do not need to remove any paper fasteners, like paper clips or staples, from the documents before shredding. Once your documents are shredded, the shredding is then brought to a recycling plant where they remove the metal when making new paper products. However, we do not shred three-ring binders.

PROSHRED® is committed to safeguarding your security with every shredding job we complete. Proper destruction of confidential information requires the end-of-service procedure of providing a Certificate of Destruction to the client. This certificate is proof that the shredding of specific documents took place at a certain date and time. 

Provincial and Federal laws have been created in an effort to protect consumers’ privacy and combat identity theft. Any business or institution has an inherent obligation to protect the private information under their control both ethically and legally. For more information Provincial and Federal legislations click here

Our Certified Service Professionals will come to your premises to take care of all your shredding needs. Then, your documents, hard drives, or products will be destroyed on-site in our mobile shredding truck. Once your information has been securely destroyed, you will receive an official Certificate of Destruction. Finally, all of the destroyed materials will go to a designated recycling facility.

Of course! You can be sure that your documents are being properly destroyed by witnessing the shedding process via the closed-circuit monitor mounted on the truck.

Equipped with large industrial paper shredders, mobile shredding trucks come straight to your business or specific location and securely destroy your documents on-site. You can remain confident that your sensitive information will never again risk getting into the wrong hands. To learn more, click here or watch the video below:

When taking private information for off-site shredding, confidential materials may be handled by more than one person out of sight, increasing the risk of exposing your confidential information. PROSHRED®'s on-site system procedures reduce these risks ending the chain-of-custody right on-site while you watch the shredding process. 

Protect yourself, your business and your clients from identity theft. Shredding documents is important to ensure that all personal and confidential documents are risk-free. Your company has a need for legislative compliance and total security of confidential information. Easily and efficiently clear out any unwanted or outdated sensitive files using one of our many services. Learn more about our services.

PROSHRED® is regularly hosting shredding events around your community. For more information, please check our events calendar or call 1-877-767-4733 (1-87-PROSHRED).

PROSHRED® recycles all of the shredded paper that we process. We recognize your active commitment with our document destruction recycling and provides you with a TreeSaver Environment Certificate each year to indicate the number of trees your business has saved as a result of our on-going relationship.

Cumulatively, the PROSHRED® network recycles over 20,000 tons of paper each year.

Yes! Erasing data is not enough. Do not expect that data will be free from theft after simply erasing information from a hard drive. The device must be destroyed. For more information visit: Click Here 

As part of our environmental stewardship, PROSHRED® is committed to making sure each shredded hard drive is delivered to metal and electronics recyclers for further processing. We only send electronic waste to certified recycling partners that comply with federal and state regulations so you can rest easy knowing your information is disposed of safely.

Breach Reporting is the act of informing customers or involved parties of a breach of information. For more information on how we can help with Breach Reporting click here

At PROSHRED®, all our drivers complete a rigorous training regimen leading to their Customer Service Professional certification. Each PROSHRED® employee is charged with the responsibility to follow the business and document destruction procedures required to maintain ISO 9001 and NAID certification.

On-site shredding is much cheaper than shredding in-house. In-house shredding uses valuable employee time, stealing focus away from core business activities. Leaving “to shred or not to shred” decisions up to staff creates a higher potential for employee error or breaches of confidentiality, and does not provide any independent certification that sensitive information has been professionally destroyed. Office shredders are messy, require maintenance, have limited capacity and require organizations to complete an extra step by putting the shredded material in the trash or recycling stream.

For more information about this please click here or give us a call 1-877-767-4733 (1-87-PROSHRED) and speak to an Information Security Specialist. 

PROSHRED® Security shred more than just paper. Our product destruction service will securely destroy your specialty items such as Branded apparel, Old sales brochures and price books, X-rays, Expired credit cards, Driver’s licenses, Prescription pill bottles, Uniforms, shoes, and badges, Identity cards, Recalled products and more. For more information please click here 

We offer shredding services to residences and businesses. Shred like big businesses do with our mobile on-site shredding service. 

A 96-gallon container averages about 0.05 - 0.075 tons of paper. It takes about 26,000 to 40,000 96-gallon containers to save 1 tree. PROSHRED® estimates that the resulting recycled paper from its on-site shredding service has helped conserve over 650,00 trees, 8.9 million gallons of oil; 69,900 cubic yards of landfill space, 93.2 million kilowatt-hours of energy, 163 million gallons of water, and 1.4 million pounds of air pollution.

PROSHRED® Security offers services to every industry. However, we have specialized in industries that are regulated by federal and provincial legislation, such as businesses, medical institutions, financial institutions, law firms, educational institutions and manufacturers to name a few. For a full list of all industries we serve, click here

PROSHRED® Security is held to the highest standards of information destruction. For that reason, PROSHRED® Security holds the ISO 9001 and NAID AAA certifications.

Other shredding companies charge hidden fees and fuel surcharges. Unlike many of our competitors, PROSHRED® Security doesn’t charge fuel surcharges or any other hidden fees.





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